~A chat with Misfits drummer, Dr. CHUD~

April 25, 1998
Chiller Theatre Expo
@ the Meadowlands; Seacaucus, NJ

A lot of people have asked a lot of questions in reference to CHUD's infamous jacket, and during the Chiller Theatre expo, I had the chance to corner him and get the lowdown..

TVCasualty: First, let me say thanks for breakfast this morning. Now...let's talk about your jacket..

Dr CHUD: Ok, I dug it up (the cow spine) in a field. This field had a cow buried in it, and I managed to get the spinal cord..the whole spinal thing happening, and the rib cage. I took that, and the head wasn't there, but I found out later that (former Misfits drummer) Robo's got the head.

TV: Oh yeah?

DC: Yeah (laughs), so Robo's got the head to my jacket!

TV: What abou the fur..the hair and everything?

DC: The hair's from a goat. It's goat fur I dyed. I fucked up the first one, 'cause I dipped it in water and it fell apart. You shouldn't do that. (in a mocking voice..) "Don't dip fur in water!"

TV: What happened to it?

DC: Ahh... the skin got a little soft and it just pulled right out, so I had to dye it carefully. I dyed it black, shaped it like a triangle, threw it on the leather and put the bones on top of that.

TV: How did you preserve the bones?

DC: I baked the bones.. bleached them, baked them. I think the cow had anthrax or something.

TV: Oh THAT'S great!

DC: Hmm..what else? Oh, the zipper pull is a finger bone from the cow..

TV: (laughingly) Oh yeah..

DC: Yeah, cows have fingers.

TV: Haha... like this (gesturing with hands..)

TV: I like that one..

DC: That came right from the video (American Psycho), I used that same one for the tour. The last tour I threw it out, so there is no more doctor's outfit.

TV: What's that stuff on the side? Velcro or tape or what?

DC: Well, I only had one, it was from the video, and I used it the whole tour..

TV: So it's trashed?

DC: It's trashed. In fact, the whole tour I was trying to look for another one, but I couldn't find one, so I had to tape up the one I had.. every night.

TV: It's just like a surgical gown?

DC: A cheap's not even a real one. The video guy got it from a magic shop, so it's like a costume-type thing. I used that the whole tour.


CG: Who's this?

TV: It's the guy that "doesn't know how to shave his face" as you say.

CG: Yeah, you don't know how to shave! (laughs)

TV: (admiring the costume) I like this.. who did it? Did you do this?

CG: (Nods)

TV: It looks good. Quite the artist.

CG: Thanks.

TV: Hey, thanks guys, let's get some pictures now.

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