Here's what listeners have had to say about the project so far..

Hey.. I listened to some of the sound clips you got posted. Sounds great! You say that's only the rough mix? The final product is going to sound AMAZING if that's the case.

Bil from "Too Many Jens"

"I was surfing through Misfits pages and saw yours. I must say that you have stirred my curiosity with the mention of your tribute CD. I am mad about (the Misfits) and I wanted to offer my support for your CD and inquire about how I can get my little mits on a copy.

Lucy Hall  ~ "Lucipher"

"I have visited your website often and heard the sound clips you've got posted. I was actually waiting to see your full CD tribute released, before I was asked to organize "III". I would be thrilled if you submitted some covers. What I heard kicked some serious ass!!!"

Adam Bodnar ~ Organizer of several Misfits Tribute recordings.

"The music is awesome, but like you stated the drums kinda take over! I look forward to the finished product. I got almost all of (the samples) now, I really like "Halloween" & "Halloween II". I've always wanted a band to mash the two together, Keep on rockin'!

Eric ~

"I like your website and think it's really cool playing songs by the best band in the world. We did the same here in the UK and have formed a Misfits tribute band called 20 Eyes, check out our homepage (and look at) the site. Who knows maybe one day we'll be touring together!

Ian Yule ~  "20 EYES"

"I just wanted to say hello and to congratulate you on your current musical endeavor. WOW - I checked out some the sound samples that you have. They sound really nice. I especially like the sound of the guitar. I can't wait to hear the final mixes. It's good to hear someone cover Misfits/Samhain tunes who actually appreciates them.

Aaron A. Ward ~  Chyna's Highway 9

"Checked out your site to see what was up. The recordings are pretty damn cool, but the question is, are the vocals done, or do you have to find someone to sing 'em? Filling Glenn's shoes is no easy task, even on a cover cd - Just listen to Fat Mike wailing on Last Caress (my dog ran for cover) or Hirosuke from Balzac singing She works at the Devil's Warehouse (heh heh heh). I'm always on the look for 'Fits covers cause they really just pump me up, and we're not going to hear anything new featuring Glenn! Cool site, and good to see it still going like Mark Kennedy's site that I've been visiting for years.

Michael ~ Webmaster,