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The Morning after A couple of talented local morning show hosts and their outrageous cohorts have archived their antics here on their own site.

I really don't know what to say about this guy, but he's funny. Learn how to kill squirrells, do many things to piss people off, watch lego porn, plus much more! This page you CANNOT do without.  There's a little of everything here, including images captured by travellers, sound clips, and more! Parodies, parodies, parodies!  Lots of humor, including re-written "Superfriends" comics that will make you laugh until you absolutely puke! Just go - now! Matt and Jesse are a couple of fun-lovin' guys.  They teach you all sorts of things, like world domination and how to build an anti-aircraft gun from a banana. A funny little site featuring images inspired by captions.   How's that for a backwards view of things?
Bert is EVIL Just go. You always knew something was wrong with some of those characters from Sesame Street, and here's the proof!
Penguin Lust You've gotta see it to believe it.  Caught in the act!!   Utterly amazing photos of completely nude penguins in all sorts of compromising positions.
Easter Bunny Hunters of America Dedicated to the eradication of this killer breed of bunnies. the EBHOA has a very insightful page with training and education about the "Easter Bunny" menace.
Live NUDE cats It's true - totally nude, and just barely legal too! These cats were hand-selected for their appearance and willingness to perform.
The Bumper Dumper A rather fascinating invention - purely logical, yet undeniably funny. Fear not the ghastly nature of roadside restrooms when you posess the Bumper Dumper.
Eric's Emotions Ever wonder what a particular emotion looks like? Simply mail Eric your suggestion, then sit back and wait for it to appear... sometime. Mostly random images and text that'll make you giggle, chuckle, guffaw and otherwise make silly noises as you browse the lists of goodies.
Rock, paper, scissors? The international "Rock - Paper - Scissors" society.   Learn how to become a member, as well as the strategy behind participating in "RPS".
ex nihilo nihil fit I have no clue who this guy is, but he has a lot of the same or similar links to fun sites, as well as a link to in his music section.
Death Clock Are you curious as to the EXACT moment you are going to pass into the realm of the dead? Well, wonder no more - just hop on over to the Death Clock to find out!
The Stupid Page A nice little site devoted to the unbridled idocy of human beings.  Browse through stories of utter stupidity, silly signs, and crazy product warnings.
Crap Co. A great site with lots of parodies, and other whimsical nonsense.  You can adopt a dog, get crappy news, crappy merchandise, or consult the "Arrogant Bastard". A humorous site that changes gears from time to time.. at my last visit, I saw the webmaster's project car, a questionaire, and the "General Lee".
Cheese Soup Interesting site that contains recipies for cheese soup.   It's name alone makes me laugh, but here you can check out recipies, add your own and check cheese links. There's so much in this site, I don't know where to begin.   Wally provides endless tutorials on everything from practical jokes to calculating wasted time. This site contains hundreds of listings of quite possibly some of the funniest names in existence, culled from sources such as phone books, you WILL laugh. At first, Allied Chemical looks to be the internet presence for a major chemical corporation, but after a bit of investigation, you'll find otherwise.   Dig the hamspread! I couldn't think of anything relating to this site that wasn't dirty, but it turns out to be a viable name after all, check it out and order a t-shirt "Let me show you my horseballs!" Weird. Some gilr's life is detailed on the web, but it's called "Squishy", and I saw a lot of things that made me chuckle, whether or not they were meant to. Jokes, jokes and more jokes.  Jokes about your momma, rednecks and more. You can even get stuff for ICQ - wanna send a virtual fart?  You can do it here! The Fun Center - this site is chock full of funny movies - Cartoon clips, film, tv, home movies and more.  Too much to describe, but there's even fart movies here. What is there really to say? The name alone should tell you what to expect, but knowing that there are a lot of idiots out there.. I'll just make you click on it. No, that isn't "Happy" It's all about Gardening... well, at least reverse gardening if you will.. Throw out everyhting but the weeds.. dig? Always wanted to visit the final resting place of your favorite deceased actor, athlete, writer, singer or other famous somebody?  Now you can, virtually! Bob the Angry Flower - this animated weed takes on all kinds of foes, and ends up in all sorts of predicaments. Who knows what Bob will do next?!!? Speaking of anger.. Angry Kid is a delightful british animation that blends live action and stop-motion to create an eye-pleasing series of comical adventures. This site allows you to "PORNO-lize" any site you vist through it. Be sure and select ENGLISH as your default language if it isn't already selected. Enjoy this one. This site works on the same principle of, but it substitutes "evil" words into the text of your webpage of choice.. quite humorous results.
Weird New Jersey Weird, NJ.  Like we didn't already know.  This site is home to countless articles and images of the weird.  Find out just how weird NJ is!
The Communist Lobster I really don't know what the hell to think of this site, but I saw the words "naked", "boobie" and "die" all on the same page, so it's gotta be good. For satire at it's absolute best - This page has fooled even "educated" folk into submitting articles to Reader's Digest about Harry potter's satanistic roots! One of the best on-line lyrics databases I have come across.   Ever wanted to know what your favorite singer was saying in the fast part of the song? Wonder no more. News of the weird - syndicated in many daily newspapers and alternative rags, read about the latest in insanity, courtesy of Chuck Shepard.  A must-see!!
The Fractal Cow This site is a gateway to several great sites, though some are quite disturbing, such as the "Cats as Trophies" site that caught my eye right away.  Exercise care here... This site offers on-line psycological surveys as well as random time diversions for those of you who truly need distraction in your workday.
Fun with grapes This great little page deals with the wonderful effects of microwaving ordinary grapes.  Simply follow the directions on the site for a unique experience!
Robot Frank and friends I couldn't stop laughing at this site!   See Robot Frank in action with his friends Robot Ron, The Robot Army, Red Ninja and many more!
The "Oz" Prison Name Generator Ever watch the HBO series "Oz" ? Well, if not, you should know that it takes place in a prison, and every prisoner needs a "prison name" - go get yours, NOW!
Random "generator" page In the tradition of the "Oz" prison name generator, here's a page FULL of generators! From LEGO set names, to Star Wars names, it's here! A somewhat funny site with cool pictures of many, many car accident photos, usually submitted by the drivers themselves, along with the story behind it.
I BET YOU WILL!! Here's a great site - Oh, the things people will do for money! Whether it be getting covered in molasses or stuffing pizza in your pants.. I bet you will!

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