Hank Williams III
Guitarist/singer/songwriter for the Damn Band & Assjack, as well as bassist for "Superjoint Ritual."

Guild G37SB, Guild Nightbird, Gibson SG, Gibson Les Paul Custom, & ESP Baritone guitars, Musicman Stingray, Roscoe, & Ibanez 4-string basses. Mesa Triple Rectifier guitar amplifiers w/4x10 & 1x15 cabinets, SVT pro 4 bass heads w/Classic 8x10 cabinets.

Kevin Bond
Guitarist for Assjack - also a member of "Superjoint Ruitual" and "Crowbar." Kevin has played off and on with Assjack due, in part to touring with other bands, and suffering a neck injury in late 2002 that sidelined him temporarily.

1967 reissue Gibson Flying V guitars, 80's model Randall amplifiers, Mesa Engineering 4x12 90-watt cabinets, Boss Blues Driver pedal, Dean Markley strings (.11's), Dunlop Accessories.

Jason Brown
Bassist for the Damn Band & Assjack from 1995 to 9/2001.

Unknown model of Kay double bass, retrofitted with a bridge pickup system, SWR & Ampeg amplification, unknown guage of "Weed-Eater" trimmer cord.

Jason Burns
Bassist for the Damn Band & Assjack from 10/2001 to 05/06/2002. Owner of King Double Bass manufacturing company.

Unfinished custom & black/magenta custom King double basses with piezo pickup systems.

Duane Denison
Guitarist for the Damn Band & Assjack from 1999 to 02/14/2001. Formerly of "The Jesus Lizard", and now with various projects including "Tomahawk."

Gibson ES-175, Hamer guitars, HiWatt amplification & Digitech effects.

Jason Ellsworth
Fiddler for the Damn Band from 8/2002 to ??/2002. Formerly with "Clay Farmer," Jason joined former Hank III steel player Dan Johnson in "Sean Reefer & The Resin Valley Boys" for some time before moving on to other pursuits in 2004.

Fender FV-1 electric fiddle, Peavey E-coustic 112 amplifier, ZOOM acoustic & electric effects, Danelectro effects, ART Nightbass SGX effects processor, Ernie Ball volume pedal.

Joe Fazzio
Drummer for the Damn Band & Assjack from 2001 to 02/14/2003; also a member of "Superjoint Ruitual."

Tama custom drums, Remo heads, Vic Firth 5b sticks.

Greg Garing
Fiddler for the Damn Band for 4 dates during May of 2004 after Donnie Herron returned to his previously scheduled BR549 tour. Greg has an active solo career, and toured the Northeast with JoeBuck on bass and Andy Gibson on steel in early 2004.

Unknown model of fiddle retrofitted with a bridge pickup system, unknown amplification.

Andy Gibson
Steel Guitarist for the Damn Band from 09/13/2002 to ??/2002. A regular Nashville player and student of Kayton Roberts, Andy has played with acts such as Slick Andrews, Moot Davis, Greg Garing, and Chris Scruggs.

1947 Fender Dual Professional steel guitar, Fender Twin Reverb amplifier, Bigsby tone/volume pedal.

Don Herron
Fiddler for the Damn Band from 09/1999 to 11/1999 & current member of BR-549 that has stepped in to fill the vacancy of fiddler in the Damn Band from time to time, most recently reappearing in the Damn Band in May of 2004 for a few dates before returning to a previously scheduled BR549 tour.

Unknown brand of fiddle.

Bassist for the Damn Band from 8/2002 to present & former guitarist for "The Legendary Shack*Shakers," (which also featured Colonel JD Wilkes on vocals and harp). JoeBuck has also appeared with "JoeBuck And The Hillbilly All-Stars," (featuring members of BR549, and Chris Scruggs) and toured the Northeast as Greg Garing's bassist for a short time in early 2004.

1990's Englehardt upright bass w/unknown brand of piezo bridge pickup, LaBella gut strings, SVT pro 4 amplification, 8x10 Ampeg Classic cabinets, Fender P-bass (note: Some of this electric bass & amplifier setup is the same equipment III uses on tour with Superjoint Ritual).

Dan Johnson
Steel guitar player for the Damn Band & Assjack from 02/16/2001 to 09/2002. In September of 2002, Dan was forced to leave the band in mid-tour due to sudden illness. Dan played throughout the Houston area with various bands, until finally settling in with former III fiddler Jason Ellsworth in "Sean Reefer And The Resin Valley Boys."

Herb Remington "Remington Steel," Melobar Skreemer "Flying V," Pro Co "Rat" distortion.

Michael McCanless
Fiddler for the Damn Band & Assjack from 09/1999 to 4/2002. Also toured with Country singer Kevin Sharp previous to joining the Damn Band. In early 2002, Michael was forced to stop touring with the band after being diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, on February 1, 2003, Michael lost his battle against the dreaded disease, and passed away.

Custom-made, hand-crafted fiddles with bridge pickup system. Polytone amplification, Pro-Co "Rat" distortion, Morley wah, Boss phase shifter, Digitech "Whammy" pedal, Z-Vex "Ooh-Wah", & Alesis Quadraverb.

Shawn McWilliams
Drummer for the Damn Band & Assjack from 1999 to 2001.

Unknown brand of drums.

Chris Masterson
Guitarist for the Damn Band during the midwest and east coast tours of November & December 2002. Chris has also played with Wayne Hancock, Bobby Bare jr., Jack Ingram, Lester Butler, and the Red Devils.

Stock Fender Telecaster guitars modified w/1 MegOhm tone control & vintage Fender Bassman amplifiers. Effects consist of ProCo distortion, tremelo, chorus, slapback and 'clean' & 'dirty' boost pedals.

"Big" Jim Murphy
Steel guitar player for the Damn Band & Assjack from ???? to 02/2000. Currently with "Asleep At The Wheel."

Unknown brand of steel.

Rudy Parris
Guitar player for the Damn Band from 01/09/2003 through 01/19/2003. Rudy currently plays in "The Rudy Parris Band" (house band for Buck Owens' Crystal Palace), Mento Buru, and with former John Lee Hooker guitarist, Ron Thompson. Rudy's official homepage is at www.rudyparris.com.

ESP vintage plus strat, Mesa/Boogie 100-watt/12" combo, Boss GT-6 ground effects.

Brad Pemberton
Drummer for the Damn Band from 01/2004 through 06/15/2004.

Pearl Masters Custom drums, Pearl hardware, Remo heads.

Munesh Sami
Drummer for Assjack from 5/21/2004 to 6/15/2004. Munesh is probably better known for his work with Strapping Young Lad (on sampler/keys) and Bombscare (on drums). Both bands are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Pearl all-birch drums, Pearl and Drum Workshop hardware, Zildjian cymbals.

JD Wilkes
Harmonica player for the Damn Band on select dates in November 2002. JD also fronts the "Legendary Shack Shakers," which features Joe Buck on guitar.

Lee Oskar harps, Shure "Green Bullet" mic, 1957 Gibson "Les Paul"/GA-40 amp, 70s-era Rickenbacker bass amp (used as a stage monitor).

Tim Yeung
Drummer for Assjack from 01/14/2004 to ??/??/2004. Visit http://www.timyeung.com for more information.

Pearl Masters series drums, Sabian Cymbals, Axis pedals, Vic Firth Extreme 5AN sticks.


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