the Crowbar
State College, PA

Pre-show fun
Hank & I after the interview
Guitarist Kevin Bond goofing off behind us
The Country Show
The audience just loves the band
What the hell did Dan do now?
Jason Brown caresses a few low notes
The Hard Stuff
Hank cranking out some noise
Dan Johnson on steel, Fazzio on drums
Hank III says "Hang on!!"
Jason Brown provides the bottom end
Mike McCanless - fiddle & assorted noises
Hank pauses for a moment
and then cuts loose again
Hank, in full swing again.
Dan Johnson - "steeling" the show

Chameleon Club
Lancaster, PA

Pre-show fun
Hank signs my copy of "Risin' Outlaw"
The CD itself
Hank signs my Epiphone PR-350/SR
Hank posing with the 350/SR
Hank checks the acoustic sound
Hank and Dan run through it once more
Joe, making adjustments
Soundcheck, on the heavy side
Kevin Bond checks the "Flying V"
All together, now!
Hank and I scream through a song
The country show
Hank's in the red shirt, tonight!
Jason REALLY loves his upright
Dan Johnson, in a serious moment
Here's Joe with his "work" face..
... and here's Joe's "fun" face
Jason manhandles the upright bass
Hank & the gang say "Move it on over!"
Dan busts out some honky-tonkin' steel..
.. and looks quite satisfied with it
Mike McCanless, fiddling around
Uh-oh, Hank breaks a string..
..but quickly replaces it and tunes up
Jason Brown, evil bass-master!
The Hard Stuff
Hank does a Misfits song with me..
Hank and I scream through "We Bite"
Hank bows me out as I thank him
Dan and Hank crank it up
Mike and Hank, getting down and dirty
Joe is just a blur...
After-show fun
Hank goofing off in his new TVC shirt
Once more, and behave this time!

5 points Music Hall
Birmingham, AL

Pre-show fun
Ouch! Feedback sucks!
Hank's new shirt rules!
Dan checks the new Chandler
Jason tests the blonde
The Country Show
Toe-tappin' fun for Hank
Mike saws out some sounds
"Well I caught you with him...."
Jason and the naked bass
Dan on steel
Joe drums through another song
"Some say I'm not country.."
If these boots could talk...
Dan and the crowd
The Hard Stuff
Hank III - maniac!
Howlin' with the pretty bass
McCannless & his new shirt!
"I've seen them hard, hard times.."
Fazzio pummels from the backline
Get down on that doghouse..
Get WAAAAAAY down!
Is it that good, Dan?
After-show fun
Hank and I
Dan and I
Jason and I
Joe and I

The Star Bar
Atlanta, GA

Pre-show fun
High above, on my perch
Hank tunes up
Sound checking
Jason & Hank (FU, Redneck!)
The Country Show fun
Cocaine Blues!
This is REAL country
Orange Blossom Special
The Hard Stuff
Assjack arrives
After-show fun
Just us boys

The Chukker
Tuscaloosa, AL

Hardcore country
III and Jason Ellsworth
Buck, III, Ellsworth
Dan and Fazzio
III preaching
Joe Buck on backup
Ellsworth fiddling
Happy as "Buck"
III: delivering again
Country equals pain

III shrieks
Dan and Joe Buck
Buck, III, Bond
Dan and the Melobar
Joe Fazzio
III pauses..

The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA

III checks a Guild
The band

The Country Show
III pickin'
Jason: caught fiddlin'
A serious III

Bond and III
Bond and III again
III and Buck
Fazzio at work
Fazzio again
The insane cowboy
Hurricane Joe
Buck w/the crowd

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