Atlantic City
(from the album "Lovesick, Broke & Driftin")

Transcribed by R. Patterson
(Standard Tuning)

Opening lick: [E]-[F]-[F#]

[G] [D] [C] [G]

[G]Well they blew up the chicken man in [C]Philly last night
Now they [D]blew up his house [G]too.

[G]Down on the boardwalk they're gettin' [C]ready for a fight,
Gonna [D]see what them racket boys can [G]do.

[G]Now there's trouble busin' in from outta [C]state,
and the [D]D.A. can't get no [G]relief

[G]Gonna be a rumble out on the [C]promenade and the
gamblin' [D]commission's hangin' on by the skin of its [G]teeth

Well now [C]everything dies [G]baby that's a fact,
but maybe [D]everything that dies [G]someday comes back.
Put your [C]makeup on, fix your [G]hair up pretty
and [D]meet me tonight in Atlantic [G]City.

[G]Well I got a job and tried to [C]put my money away,
but [D]I got debts that no honest man can [G]pay.

[G]So I drew what I had, [C]from the Central Trust,
and [D]bought us two tickets on that City Coast [G]bus.


BREAK (same as chorus)
[C] [G] [D] [G]
[C] [G] [D] [G]
[C] [G] [D] [D] [D] [E] (slow into 1/2 time feel)

[E]Now our luck may have [A]died,
and our [E]love may be [A]cold,
but with [C]you for[D]ever, I'll [E]stay.

[E]Now I been lookin' for a [A]job 
but it's [E]hard to [A]find.
Down [C]here it's just [D]winners and [E]losers.

[E]Honey, last [A]night, 
[E]I met this [A]guy, 
and I'm [C]gonna do a [D]favor [E]for him.

I guess [C]everything [D]dies baby that's a [E]fact,
but maybe [C]everything that [D]dies (pause, let ring)

..someday comes [E]back.

[E]Put your hair up [A]nice and [E]sit up pretty, and
[C]Meet me [D]tonight in Atlantic [E]City
[C]Meet me [D]tonight in Atlantic [E]City
[C]Meet me [D]tonight in Atlantic [E]City

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