I Don't Know
(from the album "Risin Outlaw")

Transcribed by R. Patterson
(Standard Tuning)

I might get drunk and rob a [B]bank,
shoot my car if it don't [F#]crank
Try to raise a little [E]Cain, 
[F#]mess the walls up with some [B]paint

Might even join a [B]rodeo,
ride my horse to [F#]Buffalo,
change my name to [E]Bill -
[F#]I don't think I ever [B]will

But I can't promise you I [E]won't
Some people do, some people [B]don't
Some people win, some people [F#]lose
Some people never get to [B]choose

All you can do is the best you [B]can
and hope things work out like you [F#]plan
I plan to stay but I might [E]go
[F#]I can't say cause I don't [B]know.

(Instrumental break)

I might become the presi[B]dent
and tell the world I'm heaven [F#]sent
Take up drinking cold iced [E]tea,
[F#]quit watching women and t[B]v

Might even smoke those cigar[B]ettes,
play my guitar like Dickey [F#]Betts
Get in miss Shania's[E] pants -
[F#]I don't think I've got a [B]chance

But I ain't sayin' I won't [E]try
to do it all before I [B]die
I just might win, but if [F#]I lose,
well I'll just blame it on the [B]booze

Cause I'm just doin the best I [B]can,
and I hope you under[F#]stand
I plan to stay, but I might [E]go
[F#]and if I do, I told you [B]so

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