~Fugazi, live in concert~

Sloss Furnaces
Birmingham, AL

Ian and myself
Joe Lally and me
Guy and me
Brendan and me
Jerry, Ian, Brendan & Joe
Guy checks his vocals
Ian is serious!
Brendan, fine-tuning
Ian with Joe, checking vocals
Jerry setting up
Guy and Joe, showtime
Guy - "Gimme the cure!"
Jerry settles in next to Brendan
Guy concentrates on "Repeater"
Joe - so mellow
Guy & Joe, while Ian lectures us
Brendan tuning again
"There's no movement, no movemeeeeeent!"
No, you listen to me, sir.
Ian, back at it
Guy pinches some noise for us
Brendan and Guy
Joe (whistling) & Jerry
Ticket from 03/25/2002 show

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