A few pics of the group from 02/28/03; The Shack*Shakers live @ 12th & Porter

hscorpio & c_monty_burns document the action
Me, Mark and Irene
Even drummer Paul digs Irene!
The Colonel, Irene, and TVC practice throwing ball-dust
hscorpio, c_monty_burns, Col JD, lbgirlie1213
Malicious, blahblahblah, TVC, c_monty_burns, lbgirlie1213, & Elvis Hitler hiding in the back
lbgirlie1213, c_monty_burns, TVC, Irene, Malicious, JoeBuck
Front row: hscorpio, c_monty_burns, TVC - Back row: Malicious, Debbie
JoeBuck, Irene and TVC
TVC tries saving Irene from some too-hot triple lesbo action
The Shakers' Mark...

The Legendary Shack*Shakers invade Birmingham, AL: 05/02/2003

@ The in-store appearance, 'Laser's Edge'
     (all in-store photos taken by 'Merch Girl' Stephanie)
JoeBuck - in action!
JD shows the proper gold-digging form
Pauly hopes the drums will outlast JD
Mark does his thing, safely out of JD's range

@ The Zydeco, later than night
LOOK OUT ~ wide load!
Pauly deals with JD again
JoeBuck: "Piping Hot"
Mark; slappin' his gal
The new 'Luck Charms' mascot?
Seriously, would you mess with this guy?

The Legendary Shack*Shakers invade Waverly, AL: 05/03/2003

JoeBuck sounds the trumpet fanfare
JD "ties one on"
Pauly, rockin' the hizzouse!
JD tosses some pubes
Pretty in the face?
Please don't feed the animals!
Mark kicks it up a notch
The Colonel lectures a young woman
Steph helps JD "get high"
The group, aftershow
TVC and JoeBuck
ALdrifter(near) and Drifter379(far)