State College, PA

Jerry signs my jacket
Michale Graves
With Jerry & the group
Used ticket

the FENIX club
York, PA

With Jerry & friends
Michale Graves in the pit
The crowd at the FENIX
Unused tickets

State College, PA

Myself & Jerry
Mike and Jerry
Jerry and Mike
Mike and CHUD
CHUD and Rocky
Doyle and Jerry
Jerry's basses & rig
Doyle again
CHUD, Me & Jerry
CHUD's Jacket
Used & unused tickets

Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
Providence, RI

Happy Birthday, Mike
Mike, hold her hand
Graves winds it up
Everyone wants a piece of Mikey
"Whoa-oh" your heart out Mike
Getting tired, Graves?
Doyle & the flying devilock
The guitar powerhouse again
CRUNCH & release
Doyle and another monster riff
"Who's flash was that?"
Sustain for days..
CHUD makes his entrance
Who needs a doctor?
CHUD provides guest vocals
The Crimson Ghost
"You'll never be free, Graves!"
"Take that, Michale Graves!"
Used ticket

The Palladium
Worcester, MA

Jerry, Mike & Doyle onstage!
The entire band takes a bow!
Mike sings as Doyle pounds away!
Doyle & Graves doing their thing.
The Crimson Ghost and Graves
1998 photo pass

Chiller Theatre Expo
at the Meadowlands Hilton
Secaucus, NJ

Jerry & Bobby Steele
With Bobby in the Hilton lobby.
Steve Zing, CHUD & me.
With CHUD after breakfast
The Crimson Ghost & Grimm.
CHUD at my "devilmobile"
CHUD " Zing discuss drumming
CHUD gets a grip on things
Jerry's other job
Jerry, Bobby & CHUD "No. 1"
With CHUD & the Crimson Ghost
Steve Zing & CHUD mingle
Steve & Jerry chat a bit
Mike Morance
Jerry poses with himself
Jerry & CHUD autographing
CHUD plays the mini-drums
Chud, Myke Hideous, & Jerry

Alive & Well HC Fest
Convention Hall
Asbury Park, NJ

Jerry Only
Michale goes surfing..
Myself and Michale
Michale and me again
With Dr. CHUD
With director John Cafiero
With Jerry, signing vinyl.

State College, PA
(w/ GWAR)

Singing with Mike Graves
Mike Graves and I onstage
Graves in mid-air
Dr. CHUD appears
The Crimson Ghost
An angry-looking Doyle
Doyle and Mike Graves
With CHUD after the show
With Jerry after the show
Unused tickets

The Chameleon Club
Lancaster, PA
(w/Earth Crisis)

Chud's jacket
Mike and Doyle at it again
"Cryin' on Saturday Night"
What the heck is so funny?
Mike talks, and everyone listens
Jerry gets respect too
CHUD takes a quick peek
Time for a fresh guitar
With Rocky after the show
Doyle and myself
1999 photo photo pass
Unused ticket

The Boiler Room
Birmingham, AL

With Jerry before the show.
Robo signs an "Earth AD.."
..and tags my "Die Die" too
Robo obliges me with a photo
Jerry with some new threads
With Dez Cadena before the show
Jerry emerges onstage
Green Hell
Robo prepares to play
Robo in mid-beat
Jerry and the crowd.
Grimm: ready for action
From behind Marky's kit
Marky Ramone takes the stage
Unused ticket

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