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Some various images

Samhain Buttons
Steve Zing solo record (Runaway)
Steve & the DM
"SAM HAIN" action figure

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A visit with Steve Zing.

The infamous jacket..
Another shot of the jacket..
Steve with a cool shirt..
Steve and myself.

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The Steve Zing 12-inch
action figure

Front of box, with Steve out
Back of box, with Steve out
Front of box, with Steve inside
Frontal shot of the doll itself
Steve with his likeness

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All pics from:

Washington, D.C.


The Agora Theatre,
Cleveland, OH


Glenn in all his glory!
Glenn and London
Full stage shot
I like when things are torn apart!
All murder, all guts, ALL BLOOD!
In my grip.. literally!


To walk the stage...
Zing, Danzig, Youth
Danzig - up close!
Do you know this song?
Damned drums& bloody bass!
The final descent...
Bad boys set loose!
Zing on bass
Bulging and bloody!
Youth borne in blood
A maniacal Steve Zing
Halloween, halloween, halloween!


TVCasualty w/ Samhain (11-13)
TVCasualty w/ Joey C. & Todd (11-13)
Webmasters and fans alike! (11-13)
TVCasualty w/ Josh Lazie (11-20)
TVCasualty and Glenn (11-20)
Show flyer (11-13)
VIP pass (11-13)
Ticket stub (11-13)
VIP pass (11-20)
Ticket stub (11-12) *Phila.Show*

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