Where Can I Host My Image?

As many of the senior members of the Cussin' Board have discovered, many of the "Free Webspace" providers have certain restrictions on the use of their space. These restrictions range from "off site loading" to "bandwidth limits".

"Off site loading" is a term used to describe the following: The user uploads an image to his/her space and links directly to it so that it may be used as an avatar, etc. Free hosts discourage this behavior, since linking directly to an image on their server(s) will bypass those annoying popup ads, and potentially decrease their revenue, while increasing their bandwidth usage.

That brings us to the second topic of "bandwidth usage", which means, simply, the amount of data that is transferred from your space in a given amount of time. If you are a poster on an active board, your bandwidth usage could potentially become quite high, and exceed your allotted amount. This could cause your space to become unreachable by users (ie: the board) until the bandwidth measurment cycle begins again.

For these reasons, the Cussin' Board members suggest the following sites that have been proven to work well with the board:


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