Entering The URL Information

Once you have registered for an account with a "Free Space" provider, you can follow the directions given by that host to upload your images to their server. After you have uploaded your files, you can proceed to enter the URL (address) of your image in the "AVATAR" field of your profile page.

There are several ways to determine the actual URL of your image. One of the easiest is by examining the "Properties" of the image, as it is displayed in your browser. In this example, we're using Microsoft Internet Explorer, though the instructions for Netscape Navigator are quite similar. As shown to the right (example 1), I'll use my own avatar as an example.

To begin, simply go to the page of your host that displays your image of choice, and right-click on the image itself, to view the Windows menu tree. Now select Properties (at the bottom), and you'll see the Properties tab pop up (example 2).

Near the center of the Properties tab, you'll see a line titled "Address: (URL)". Located to the right that is the true address of your image (example 3).

Highlight the URL and use the right-click function to select "COPY" from the menu tree. Now go back to your profile and "PASTE" this URL into your avatar field.

Now your avatar field should look similar to example 4, with your image's URL entered into the avatar field. Once this is accomplished, and you have entered or amended any other information in your profile that you wish to modify, you can click on the "SUBMIT" button to save your profile.

Now you're all done, and everyone on the board should be enjoying your new avatar!

NOTE: If you wish to change your avatar from time to time, give your image a generic name like "myavatar.gif". This way, you just name your new avatar image "myavatar.gif" everytime, then delete the old one (or rename it if you wish), and you won't have to change your avatar URL in your profile every time you change avatars.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

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